How to Install Ubuntu in Termux 2024?

How to install Ubuntu in Termux

Hello everyone, in today's article we will discuss how we can install Ubuntu in Termux. The process is very easy, you just need to follow the steps correctly.

Steps to Install Ubuntu in Termux

Step 1: Install Termux

First, you will need to have the Termux app installed on your Android device. You can download it from here

Step 2: Update Termux

Once you have Termux installed, open it and type the following command to update the package list:

pkg update & pkg upgrade -y

Step 3: Install Ubuntu in Termux

Now, we will install the Ubuntu chroot package in Termux. Type the following command:

apt install proot

Step 4: Download Ubuntu image

Next, we will download the Ubuntu image for Termux. Type the following command:


Step 5: Run the Ubuntu installation script

Now we will run the Ubuntu installation script by typing:

chmod +x

this will install the Ubuntu chroot in the Termux home directory.

Step 6: Start Ubuntu in Termux

Once the installation is complete, you can start Ubuntu in Termux by typing:


Step 7: Install X11 and GUI tools

To have GUI on Ubuntu we have to install X11 and GUI tools by typing:

apt install x11-repo apt install xorg lxde-core tightvncserver

Step 8: Start the VNC server

Now, start the VNC server by typing:


You will be prompted to set a password for the VNC server. So set that.

Step 9: Connect to the VNC server

Now you can connect to the VNC server by using a VNC client on your Android device, setting the IP address as localhost, and using the port and password set in step 8.

Final Notes

Now, you should now have a fully functional Ubuntu GUI running in Termux. Keep in mind that the performance may not be as good as running Ubuntu on a dedicated machine, but it can be a useful tool for testing or development purposes. If you have any errors, just comment down.

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Thank you!


To launch Ubuntu in Termux, use the following command: /