How to Install Git in Termux 2024?

How to Install Git in Termux

Termux is a terminal emulator for Android, that can be used to execute Linux commands in Android Mobile. Whereas Git is widely used by developers to manage their code repositories. It enables collaboration, versioning, and tracking of changes in software development projects. With Git, developers can clone, create, modify, and share code repositories efficiently. As a Termux user, we use Git to clone tools in our Android mobile. So, in this tutorial, we will learn how to install Git in Termux.

Make sure you have installed the updated version of Termux. If you have not installed the latest version, then you can download it from here.

Steps to Install Git in Termux

Step 1 - Update Termux

First of all we have to update the packages for that use the following commands:

pkg update && pkg upgrade

Step 2 - Install Git Command

Now to install Git execute the following command:

pkg install git

Step 3 - Check Git Version

Now to check is Git installed successfully or not use the following command:

git --version

Step 4 - Configure Git

You can also configure git with your details of GitHub. To do that execute the following commands:

git config "your name"
git config "your email"

Step 5 - Clone Tools

To download any tool to your Termux use the following command:

git clone "repository link"

So that is how you can install git in your Termux. If you got any errors, please comment down. I will surely help you.

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Final Notes

So that is how you can install git in Termux, If you have any doubts, please comment down.

Thank You For Reading!