How to Install Metasploit in Termux 2024?

Metasploit is a framework used for penetration testing and finding security vulnerabilities. It offers a wide range of exploits, payloads, and auxiliary modules. In today's post, we will learn how to install Metasploit in Termux. It is a very easy process, you just need to follow all the steps carefully.

Process of installation

In the Linux systems, we have a terminal to install it but in Android mobiles, there is no such terminal. So we will use Termux to install it.

Steps to Install Metasploit in Termux

Follow the following steps with your full attention:

Step 1: Install Updated Termux

First, Install the updated version of Termux from fdroid as it is not updated on the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Update Packages

Now, you have to update the packages so that you don't get any errors while installing Metasploit. So, type the following commands in Termux to update packages:

apt update
apt upgrade -y

How to install metasploit in termux?

How to install metasploit in termux 2023?

Step 3: Install Curl, Wget, Git & OpenSSH

In order to install Metasploit we need to install some packages i.e. wget, curl, OpenSSH, and git. Use the following command to install these packages:

pkg install wget curl openssh git -y
Metasploit Termux

Step 4: Install Ncurses-Utils

Now we need to install ncurses-utils for Metasploit, so use the following command to do so:

apt install ncurses-utils
Metasploit Termux Install

Step 5: Download Metasploit

Now all the requirements are installed, we just need to give one more command to install it, so type the following command in your termux:

source <(curl -fsSL
Metasploit in Termux 2023

Metasploit framework needs approx 1 to 1.5 GB of space, so make sure your phone has that.

This is how downloading will appear in your termux:

Metasploit in Termux Install

Metasploit Installing

Step 6: Launch Metasploit

Now you have installed Metasploit successfully on your Android mobile, just type the following command to check it and use it:

Metasploit Installed

Metasploit is a powerful tool, it should only be used by authorized individuals for legitimate and ethical purposes, with proper consent and adherence to legal guidelines.

Alternative Method to Install Metasploit in Termux

If you want to install Metasploit with a single command, then you can use this method also. You just have to copy the following commands and paste them into Termux. Sit back and wait for the installation to complete. I suggest you to go with this method-

pkg install wget
chmod +x

Thank You!

If you have any errors in installing, please let me know in the comment section. I will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

You can also watch this video on it for practical on our YouTube channel:


Can I run Metasploit on Termux?

Yes, you can run Metasploit on Termux. It is very easy to install just follow the steps outlined in the article to install Metasploit in Termux.

What is the command to launch Metasploit?

To launch Metasploit just type ./msfconsole in the terminal. It will be launched within seconds.

Does Metasploit work on Android?

Yes, metasploit works perfectly on Android, you can install it with the help of Termux which is a command line emulator for Android mobiles.But there are some limitations of using Metasploit in Android.

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