What Does SOS Only Mean on iPhone and How to Fix it?

Hey there! are you facing the problem of SOS only in iPhone? Do not worry, I got your back. First of all, do not panic, here SOS only does not mean that you have contacted emergency services.

In today’s article, I will discuss what does SOS mean on iPhone and how to fix it.

What is SOS on iPhone?

SOS only means that your iPhone is not connected to a cellular network, but emergency services are available. You can make emergency calls and send SOS messages. You will face this issue in lower network strength areas. 


(i)  No Network Signal

(ii) Technical Glitches

(iii) Outdated Software

(iv) Issue with SIM card

How To Fix SOS on iPhone?

Fix 1 - Turn on and off Airplane Mode

By turning on and off Airplane mode can fix the problem of SOS in iPhone. By enabling airplane mode, iPhone will be disconnected from all the connected networks and when you turn it off, iPhone will connect to the availablee networks again.

Fix2 - Disable Automatic Network Selection Mode

Step 1 - Go to the Settings of your iPhone

Step 2 - Now, Tap on Mobile Data

Step 3 - Tap on the Network Selection option

Step 4 - Disable the Automatic Network Selection and enable it again. 

Fix 3 – Reset Network Settings

Step 1 - Open the ‘Settings’ of your iPhone.

Step 2 - Find and Tap on ‘General’ option

Step 3 - Tap on ‘Transfer or Reset’ option


Step 4 - Select ‘Reset’ option


Step 5 - From the available options select ‘Reset Network Settings


Step 6 - Enter your passcode and tap on ‘Reset Network Settings’ to confirm.

Final Words

I hope you have fixed the issue of SOS on your iPhone. If you are still facing the issue then please visit your nearest Apple Centre. If you have questions, feel free to comment.

Thank You!

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