How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung S21

The feature of taking screenshots has become one of the most essential features in smartphones. Whether you want to save a conversation, capture an Insta story, or payment proof, taking a screenshot is always a great choice. In today’s guide, we will learn how to take screenshot on Samsung S21.

Method 1 – By Using Side Keys

The easiest method to capture a screenshot is using side keys.

Step 1 - Open the screen that you want to capture

Step 2 - Press and hold the Power button and the Volume down button simultaneously until you hear a voice of capturing or animation of capturing on your screen.

how to screenshot on samsung s21

Step 3 - You can view that screenshot by swiping down the notification panel or in gallery.

Method 2 – By Using Capture Screen Feature

If you think that pressing and holding the power button and the volume button is difficult. Then you can use the Samsung default screenshot feature. To use that feature follow the following steps:

Step 1 - Open the Control Center of your mobile by swiping down.

Step 2 - Tap on the capture screen icon and the screenshot will be automatically captured & saved in your gallery.


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How to Screenshot on Samsung S21?

To take screenshot on Samsung S21 press and hold Power button and Volume down button simultaneously. The screenshot will be saved in your gallery.