How to Fix Last Line No Longer Available Error in iPhone?

Dual SIM functionality is one of the best features of smartphones as you can easily make calls by using any of the SIM cards. From the last few days many iPhone users are reporting that whenever they try to make a call, an error pops up - 

Last line No Longer Available

And they are provided two options- 

(i) Cancel

(ii) Call

If they tap on the call option, then the Other SIM card will be used to make the call

The last line no longer available simply means that the primary SIM card network is not available. There can be various reasons why you get such an error. In this article, I will guide you on how to fix the Last Line No Longer Available on iPhone.

Causes of the Error

(1) Outdated software

(2) Network connectivity issue

(3) Problem with device settings

Fixes to Last Line No Longer Available Error in iPhone

Preliminary fixes

(1) Restart your iPhone.

(2) Turn on and off the airplane mode

(3) Update your iPhone

(4) Check whether the network is available in your area or not.

Fix 1 – Clear Your Call History

Either God or Apple Software Developers knows how this method works, but by clearing recent call history, many users reported that they had solved this issue. To clear your call history, follow the following steps:

 Step 1 - Tap on Dialer app

Step 2 - Tap on Recents

Last Line No Longer Available iPhone

Step 3 -  Now tap on Edit

Recents Call Log iPhone

Step 4 - On the left upper side you will find an option named Clear - Tap on it

Recents Call Log iPhone 2

Step 5 - Now tap on Clear all Recents to confirm.

Fix 2 – Update Carrier Settings

By updating carrier settings on your iPhone you can fix this issue. To do so follow the following steps –

Step 1 – Open the settings and tap on the General option

Step 2 – Tap on the About option

iPhone About

Step 3 – Now scroll to the bottom where you find the physical SIM option

iPhone sim

Step 4 – If there is any update, a popup will appear, tap on update

If after updating the problem is not solved, move to the next method

Fix 3 - Turn off Auto Network Selection Mode

Step 1 – Go to Settings

Step 2 – Tap on Mobile Data

Step 3 – Tap on Network selection

iPhone network problem

Step 4 – Turn off the automatic option as shown in the below image:

Last Line No Longer Available

Final Words

I hope your problem of the Last Line No Longer Available is solved. If you have any questions please feel free to comment.

Thank You!