What is com.samsung.unifiedtp?


com.samsung.unifiedtp app is a "Tethering Provision" app that is used to enable or disable tethering functionality on Samsung devices. Tethering provision apps are those apps that enable users to share their mobile phone's internet connection with other devices like laptops, tablets, etc. Tethering can be done by various means i.e.-

(i) USB Tethering

(ii) Bluetooth Tethring

(iii) Hotspot Tethring

(iv) Wi-Fi, etc.

If you are worried about com.samsung.unifiedtp security, or want to know how to fix com.samsung.unifiedtp has stopped working, then this article is for you - Keep Reading.

Query Details
App Name Tethering Provision App 
Package Name com.samsung.unifiedtp
Supported System Android
Date 15-1-2024
Size 1.8 MB

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Is com.samsung.unifiedtp Safe?

Till now, there is no report that com.samsung.unifiedtp contains malware, keylogger, etc. It is an essential part of the operating system for using various services like sharing an internet connection. So do not worry about its security. It is 100% safe.

Is it Possible to Disable com.samsung.unifiedtp?

Well, you can disable this daemon app on your Samsung mobile, but keep in mind that disabling it may cause the misfunctioning of the operating system and you will not be able to use tethering features

These daemon apps are for providing services to the users, I know you have seen com.samsung.unifiedtp in data usage consuming a lot f data, that is due to tethering with other devices.

In my opinion, you should not disable it.

How to Fix com.samsung.unifiedtp Has Stopped Working Error?

If you are getting com.samsung.unifiedtp has stopped working error on your Samsung mobile, you can easily fix this by following the below steps -

Step 1 - Open the Settings of your mobile

Step 2 - Scroll down and tap on Apps

Step 3 - Now a list of all the installed apps will be opened

Step 4 - Click on three dots in the right upper corner and tap on Show System Apps


Step 4 - Now Search for com.samsung.unifiedtp and tap on it

Step 5 - Tap on the Storage option then on the Clear Data option

Now the issue must be resolved.

Final words

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com.samsung.unifiedtp is a "Tethering Provision" app that is used to enable or disable tethering functionality on Samsung devices.