How to Download & Install GTA San Andreas on Android 2023?

Hey GTA Fans! I hope you all are doing good and enjoying your gaming life. GTA San Andreas is one of the most loved games in gaming history, Many of you got nostalgic, tell me who does not.  The biggest news is that GTA San Andreas is available on Android mobile also.

If you are a true GTA fan, you must want to play it. So today, in this article I will tell you how you can download GTA San Andreas on your Android Mobile and install it.

Steps To Download and Install GTA San Andreas on Android Mobile

Step 1 - Open the Playstore App and search GTA San Andreas

Step 2 - Tap on ₹182

how to download gta san andreas on android easy

Step 3 - Tap on Continue

how to download gta san andreas on android

Step 4 - Update Name & Address

Step 5 - Add a Payment Method

Step 6 - Complete the Purchase by clicking on Buy

how to download gta san andreas in android

Step 7 - After the successful payment, you will get the Install Button, tap on it.

The downloading process will be started after you clicked on the install button. The file size of the GTA San Andreas is 2.7GB. So make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or you have enough mobile data. The downloading time depends on the internet speed.

 Do not download GTA San Andreas from third-party websites. As the app can contain malware or virus. Only download it from the Google Play Store. Otherwise, your device's security may be compromised.

You can also watch the Youtube video on how to install GTA San Andreas on Android -

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