Instander APK 17.2 Download latest Version 2024


Instander is an alternative Instagram client application developed specifically for Android devices. It allows users to access their Instagram accounts with additional features not available on the official Instagram app.

Key Features of Instander

As an Instagram mod, Instander provides all core Instagram features plus the following standout extra capabilities:

Media Downloading

  • Download photos and videos posted on Instagram profiles and stories
  • Save desired content to your device storage instead of relying on third-party apps

Privacy Controls

  • Create a close friends list for sharing stories
  • Hide stories from specific people
  • Disable read receipts on direct messages

Personalization Options

  • Remove ads for an interruption-free feed
  • Improve image, video and IGTV quality
  • Enable full-screen viewing of stories

Analytics & Data

  • Disable analytics to prevent in-app activity tracking
  • Opt out of sending crash reports

Ghost Mode

  • Hide your viewer activity on others' stories
  • Disable typing indicators in direct messages
  • Mark messages as read without notifying sender

Additional Tweaks

  • Swipe gestures for faster navigation
  • Double tap to like photos
  • Suggested friends based on contacts

How to Download Instander APK?

To download Instander visit this website- Instander Official Website

Why Choose Instander Over Instagram?

The developer designed Instander to enrich the Instagram experience and address some of the platform's longstanding limitations. For Instagram power users, Instander delivers:

More Control

Instander offers granular control over privacy, data sharing, content options and personalization features lacking in Instagram.

Ad-Free Experience

View an uninterrupted feed without sponsored posts and recommendations.

Higher Quality

Photos and videos are delivered in higher or original quality instead of Instagram’s compressed formats.

Bonus Features

Small but useful additions like full-screen stories, smart gestures and quality tweaks improve the overall experience.

While Instander closely replicates Instagram’s interface and functions, its additional features target gaps in the original app coveted by users. The ability to save content offline, sharper image quality and privacy tools give it an advantage over plain Instagram.


For an enhanced Instagram client with supercharged features, Instander is a compelling choice over the official app. With continuous updates from the developer, it provides a stable modded experience that unlocks fuller customization and control for Instagram users on Android.