Install All Termux Tools 2023

Termux is a great app to use various tools that can be used in Linux systems. With the help of Termux, we can use various tools like JohnThe Ripper, Hashcat, etc. on our Android phones.

In today's article, I will guide you on how to install all the Termux tools on your Android mobile. So without wasting your time let's know how to do it.

Termux Tools

To install all the available Termux tools, we going to use Tool-X. Tool-X is a great tool to install 500+ Termux tools. Follow the following steps to install Tool-X in Termux -

Step 1 - Update Termux with the following Command - 

pkg update && pkg upgrade 

Step 2 - We have to install git on Termux, in order to clone the Tool-X. So, type the following command -

pkg install git

Step 3 - To clone Tool-X use the following command - 

git clone

Step 4 - Now to install Tool-X, we have to give it permission of execution, so type the following commands -

cd Tool-X
chmod +x install

Step 5 - After that use the following command to start the installation process -


How to Install Termux Tools With the Help of Termux?

Step 1 - Type the following command to start Tool-X -


Step 2 - Type 1 to get the list of all the available tools

Termux Tools

Step 3 - From the available list, select the tool that you want to install


Step 4 - That's it you can install any Termux  Tool by following this method.

If you got any errors, please let me know in the comment section, and I will help you as soon as possible.

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