How to Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu ?

How to install Chrome in Ubuntu?


As Ubuntu comes with Firefox and sometimes we feel that chrome is better than it, but we do not know how to install Chrome in Ubuntu so this article will help you to install Chrome within minutes.

Install Google Chrome with the help of terminal and commands

It is very easy to install the chrome browser with the help of commands, you have to download the chrome package for it we will use wget command, just copy the following command and paste it in your terminal and press enter:


Now, you will see that downloading has started, you just need to wait. After the downloading is finished move to the next step

Now we will use the famous command 'dpkg' to install the chrome in our ubuntu, so you just need to copy the following command and paste it into your terminal:

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

Now , it will ask the sudo password, so just enter the password and press enter, it will install chrome within a minute.


If you see any error about the dependencies then you just need to type the following command in your terminal and boom your dependencies will be installed:

sudo apt -f install
After that you will not see any error, it will be installed without any error

How to Update Google Chrome

Whenever a new version of chrome available, you will a pop message in chrome to update it just follow the steps and you can easily update it.

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Final Notes

So, that is how you can install chrome in Ubuntu. It is an easy process just need to follow the above mentioned steps correctly. If you have any error you can comment down.

Thank You!


Q1. Is Chrome available for Ubuntu?

Yes, chrome is available on ubuntu also. You can install it by following the steps mentioned in this article.

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