How to Reset AirPods?

Reset Your AirPods: Easy Method

How to Reset AirPods

AirPods are one of the most-sold earbuds in the premium earbuds category. According to the latest report Apple Airpods log a 63% share in the premium TWS(True Wireless Stereo)earbuds. There is no doubt that the Apple AirPods are of the best quality. But these are also not free from error. Sometimes we faced many issues regarding sound, connectivity, disconnecting, and all other related problems. So to overcome these problems we think of resetting the AirPods. So, in today's post, I will tell you how to reset AirPods in no time. You just need to follow all the steps correctly.

Steps to Reset Airpods

Step 1- The first thing you have to do is put back your AirPods into their charging case and then close the lid.

Step 2- After that hold the button on the back of your charging case until the LED light on the front starts flashing. It means your AirPods have entered pairing mode.

Step 3- Now go to the Bluetooth settings on your device, find your AirPods, and then tap on "forget this device."

How to Reset AirPods

Step 4- Now to rest the AirPods hold down the button on the back of the charging case for at least 15 seconds until the LED light starts flashing white.

Step 5- After that open the lid of the charging case and then press the button on the back until the LED light flashes. Then go to your device's bluetooth settings and tap on "connect" to pair your AirPods with your device.

How to Reset AirPods

Verify Reset

If you want to verify if the reset was successful, you can check the battery status of your AirPods on your device. If the battery status shows that both AirPods are fully charged, then the reset was successful.

How to Factory Reset Your AirPods Without Phone

If you do not have your phone with you. Then also you can easily reset your AirPods. For that just follow the following steps:

Step 1-  First put back your AirPods in the case

Step 2-  Now find the setup button on the back of your AirPods charging case and then press and hold the button at least for 15 seconds. Now you will see the status light changed to white.

Step 3- Now you can close the lid as your AirPods are successfully reset.

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So that is how you can easily reset your AirPods. By resetting it you can easily enjoy it without any glitches. Now you will be free from any connectivity or sound issue. I hope you are successful in resetting the AirPods. But if you faced any issues in resetting it, I am here to help you. Just let me know in the comment section, and I will be more than happy to help you.

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