How to Install Nmap in Termux 2024?

Hey there! I hope you all are doing good. As you all know that Termux is a great app to install Linux-based tools on our Android Mobile. In today's article, I will guide you on how to install Nmap in Termux. The process is very easy, so without wasting your precious time, let's know how to install Nmap.

What is Nmap?

Before going into the installation process, it is good to know what Nmap is. Nmap also known as Network Mapper is a popular open-source tool used for network scanning and security auditing. Nmap was created by Gordon Lyon. It is used by network administrators to discover hosts and services on a computer network. Nmap is used to troubleshoot the network security testing.

Steps to Install Nmap in Termux

Step 1- Update Termux with the following command -

pkg update && pkg upgrdae -y

Step 2 - Use the following command to install Nmap -

pkg install nmap -y
nmap  termux

Step 3 - To check if Nmap is installed successfully or not use the following command -

nmap -V
How to Install Nmap in Termux

How to Use Nmap?

Quick Scan

If you want to perform a quick scan of the network. You can do so with the help of the following command-

nmap -F "ip address"

Check Host Status

If you want to check the status of the host and its latency use the following command -

nmap -sP "ip address"

Final Words

Nmap is a great tool to scan network vulnerabilities, perform network analysis, and much more. But always use it for ethical purposes. If you got any errors, feel free to comment. 

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To check the Nmap version in Termux, use the following command: nmap -V The current version of Nmap will be displayed in your terminal.